Posted on Mar 5, 2018

Bharatheeyam Food For Body And Mind Restaurant

Ayurvedic remedies included aloe vera from the ancient Indian practitioners. They made juices of lime and orange juice with salt to prevent fatigue and blood restoratives with grape and beet juice. For energy, they combined mango juice with milk and spices.

Radish plants were juiced to treat stomach ache, flatulence and as a cleanse for the kidneys.

Throughout history, herbalists have grated, ground and pressed fresh herbs, leaves, and fruits in order to extract the juice.

Healthy Benefits of Green juice -

Nutrients Are Absorbed Quickly and Efficiently
Nutrient Intake is Increased Exponentially
A Bigger Variety of Vegetables Are Consumed
You Drink More and Become More Hydrated
Green Juices Get Your Sexy Goddess to Come Out
Weight Loss
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